Hand Surgery

If you have a hand surgery coming up, it is natural to feel a little nervous. Thinking about the procedure itself, as well as the necessary amount of time you’ll spend recovering, can seem a bit intimidating. At AIM Rehab Services, we want to make sure that your hand surgery goes smooth and that your recovery process is as quick and easy as possible.

Hand surgeries can pose difficult recoveries, as you will likely have to limit the use of the affected arm or immobilize it in a sling. Our Coral Springs, FL occupational therapist will help in guiding you through your rehabilitation and preparing for your surgery beforehand. To learn more about our hand surgery services and how they can help speed up your recovery time, contact AIM Rehab Services today.

What can I do to prepare for hand surgery?

When you’re recovering, you’ll want to make sure everything is as easy for you as possible. You may be unable to return to work for a few weeks, and you may need someone to help you out with daily tasks. However, there are a few things you can do beforehand to make sure your recovery time is as comfortable as possible:

Prepare meals beforehand and leave them in the freezer

It’ll be difficult to cook meals while you are recovering and you likely won’t have the energy to do so for at least the first week. Prepare a few dishes beforehand that you can easily freeze and heat up for yourself after your procedure.

Have loose-fitting clothes easily accessible in the days following your surgery

Simple daily tasks, such as getting dressed in the morning, can prove to be difficult after undergoing a surgical procedure of your upper extremities. It is likely that immobilization may also be required, meaning that you may have to wear a sling or brace following surgery, making it even more difficult to move the affected body part.

Make sure to plan out loose-fitting outfits for the days following your surgery that are easy to take on and off, and put them in a place that is easily accessible for you. This will make it easier for you to get dressed in the morning, without having to struggle with tight or complicated clothing.

Contact AIM Rehab Services for more information!

At AIM Rehab Services, we want to help make your hand surgery and recovery as safe, easy, quick, and comfortable as possible for you. If you have hand surgery planned in the future and you’d like to discuss setting up a “before and after” treatment plan, schedule a consultation with one of our Coral Springs, FL occupational therapists today.

We’d be happy to set up an appointment for you and get you started on the path toward pain relief, improved function, and a speedy recovery. You use your hands every day – don’t make your recovery time harder on yourself. Contact AIM Rehab Services today at Coral Springs, FL Center!

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